Photo posted to Facebook helps diagnose child’s rare condition


3-year-old Rylee Taylor
Photo Credit: WREG

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – One mom is thanking her Facebook friends after they helped her to diagnose a vision problem in her young daughter.

According to FOX 4 sister station, WREG in Memphis, Tara Taylor had posted a picture to Facebook she had taken of her three-year-old daughter, Rylee, to share with her friends, after the little girl had styled her hair by herself.

3-year-old Rylee Taylor Photo Credit: WREG
3-year-old Rylee Taylor
Photo Credit: WREG

Taylor didn’t notice, but the picture shows a small greenish spot in her daughter’s left eye, which some could explain away as being the flash. However two of Taylor’s Facebook friends pointed out the phenomenon to her, explaining that it could be a vision problem and may need to be checked out by a professional.

Taylor took her daughter to her pediatrician, and then to a retina specialist, where she was diagnosed with Retinal Telangiectasis or Coats’ diseases; a very rare condition that causes loss of vision in one or both eyes due to abnormal development of the blood vessels behind the retina.

Taylor said she had no indications her daughter was having difficulty seeing, which according to the doctor is a significant problem with children, since most young children do not realize they cannot see well.

He said often the problem is caught too late when vision is lost in either one eye or both eyes, so in Taylor’s case she was very fortunate to be able to get her daughter diagnosed early. Rylee now receives regular treatments to help maintain the vision she still has.

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