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BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. — Animal advocates are cheering one city’s decision to overturn a ban on pit bull ownership.

The city council Monday unanimously voted to overturn a ban on pit bulls within Bonner Springs.

One woman’s crusade resulted in this change.

It’s been a long nine months for Debi Baker, but the action by the city council means she can now legally own her pit bull, Titan.

Animal control officers picked up the dog running loose last May, and that’s when Baker learned that her pet was a banned breed in Bonner Springs.

For seven months, the dog was confined to an animal shelter in Lawrence and Baker traveled back and forth to visit him while she lobbied city council members to end the ban. Baker convinced the city that a dangerous dog law is a more practical solution than banning an entire breed.

“If you could meet Titan, if you could see him, of course he’s just one in a million,” Baker said. “He’s just the sweetest dog you’d ever come in contact with. Not violent. He grins, he actually grins. He’s just a normal family animal you want to have. Just because he’s a Staffordshire Terrier there’s this big, ‘Oh, we can’t have that breed around,’ when he is not dangerous,” said Baker.

The ban officially ends January 16, but Baker was allowed to bring three-year-old Titan back home in November. The Humane Society of Kansas City also is applauding Bonner Springs’ action, saying this should make it easier to adopt out good dogs to more willing families.

Baker said her action also may convince nearby communities of Basehor and Linwood to abandon their breed bans on pit bulls.