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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The riverfront area of downtown Kansas City could be bustling in spite of years of being quiet. The port authority recently announced the first project for the area, a mix of residential and retail. Now other plans are expected to fill the area

It’s a $65 million project, a mixed-use development that includes approximately 400 luxury apartments and retail spaces with lots of amenities. The developer, Flaherty & Collins out of Indianapolis, is also currently working on a project in Gladstone. The group calls the riverfront development a perfect bridge between Downtown and the Northland.

“With the 398 units, it will be spread out with parking wrapped around in the middle, something that’s never really been done in the Downtown area,” said Kourtney Cowell, a property manager with Flaherty & Collins. “And hopefully we will bridge the gap between Downtown and the Northland and give people more of a central location where they can kind of spread out and have a little more room to breathe and be able to enjoy all of the luxuries of being close to Downtown, but then kind of stay away from all the hustle and bustle and noise.”

And with the announcement of this project, the port authority says they expect more developments and plans to come to fruition in the area. Cowell says they plan to break ground this year. By the spring of 2016 they hope to have people moving in to the units and retailers opening up shop.