PLATTE CITY, Mo. — Rumbles in the sky are not what people, still cleaning up from last week’s storms, want to hear.

Some homeowners on Wednesday night expressed anxiety about our recent pattern of night-time storms causing damage while people are sleeping.

In Platte City clean-up is still on-going from an overnight storm that hit about one week ago. A lot of work has been taken care of through chainsaws and teamwork but one issue is if storm damage starts stacking – one event after another – which is really stressful for some homeowners.

Dragging away brush, Rex Martin still has a tree on his house off seven days after it fell.

“I’ve lived in town my whole life and I’ve never really seen damage like this,” Martin said.

“My insurance said it was kind of on me to figure it our without telling me how much they would cover and what they’d pay for. So I’m trying to get all the leafy branches down because the haul-away ends in three more days,” Martin said.

Just down 4th Street there are more repairs happening. The Linnell family said there just coming out of the darkness.

“We had no power from Tuesday until Friday. A lot of our groceries, a lot of our food spoiled,” Julie Linnell said.

“It was terrifying for most of it. And all these trees up here got broken down and smashed,” Alex Linnell said. “I mean, I see sever weather/storm alerts all the time. I don’t really worry about it because it’s usually it’s not that bad. But this time it was a hit – hard.”

“Out of nowhere about 1:30 it just came down. These trees over here were bent all the way down to the ground,” Dave Linnell said.

“Most of the storms have been late at night. And it’s spooky, you know? Because night-time’s not a good time to have ’em. But the weather’s jacked up, no doubt,” Dave Linnell said.

“Cause, you know, when you’re asleep you can’t see anything. All you see is the lightning. Last Saturday when the sirens went off I was like shaken. We were all anxiety drained because we didn’t know what to expect,” Julie Linnell said.

Wednesday’s round of weather for some homes also acts not just as an emotional stress test but also as a water test for branch-slammed roofs.

“So I guess when the – if the rain comes in tonight that might give me a better idea,” Martin said.

Another issue in Platte City is there are still a lot of trees and branches leaning on power lines in areas that have not been cleared yet, causing extra stress for homeowner concerned about losing power again.