In late February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Wyandotte County had the fourth-highest increase in weekly wages among the 355 largest counties in the United States.

At 12.3%, Wyandotte County’s wage change from the third quarter of 2021 to the same quarter in 2022 — the latest period available — trailed only Midland County, Texas (13.9%); Kitsap County, Washington (12.7%); and Prince William County, Virginia (12.6%).

With the release of the full “Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages” database on March 8, information on all seven counties in the immediate Kansas City area are now available.

Locally, Platte County exceeded Wyandotte’s performance with a 13.7% increase in weekly wages.

Those figures are well ahead of the average wage increase of 8.9% in Missouri and the 8.8% rise in Kansas.

All but two area counties — Johnson County (6.6%) and Leavenworth County (5%) — achieved growth in excess of the national average of 6.7% during the third quarter.

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