Plaza stores holding window art walk featuring works from local Black artists


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The community is putting a different spin on the beloved Plaza Art Fair.

It was canceled due to coronavirus concerns, but next weekend, artists work will still take over the Country Club Plaza. Stores are getting creative and inclusive to display local artwork.

Six blocks of Plaza storefronts will be filled with art Sept. 25-27.

“They’ll be able to walk the whole Plaza and see art,” Chrysalyn Huff, founder and president of RE, said.

Huff’s company partnered with Troost Market Collective to color in the hole left behind after the Plaza Art fair was canceled, creating what they’re calling “The Restoration Art Walk.”

Ten Black artists, three of whom also contributed to the Black Lives Matter street murals across KC, will display their own creations in windows on the Plaza.

“I tend to think that we’re going to get a lot of color brought in because the murals show us so much beautiful color, so I just hope it’s splashy and awesome,” Huff said.

As the oldest building on the Plaza, Huff said they want to be part of making history that embraces everyone. That need was affirmed when they found a broken window at the store several months ago during the protests on the Plaza.

“It didn’t get lost on us that day that when we came down here that the only window that had the word restore on it was the window that got broken,” Huff said. “And so that just had a lot of symbolic meaning to us, and it makes me emotional.”

From Nichols Road up Wyandotte Street and then over to 47th Street, Huff hopes to show the community they’re on the inclusive side of history.

“We want to show that we love everyone,” Huff said. “For us to have art in this building at this time is just another historical moment for us as a community, and we just get to see something that’s really special.”

Pieces displayed in the Restoration Art Walk will be for sale. All proceeds will go directly to the local artist.



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