PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — The Pleasant Hill Police Department is working to get a set of stolen items back to the rightful owner. Police believe they belong to a veteran. 

Pleasant Hill police said officers arrested a man and recovered several stolen items, including tools and a toolbox that may belong to a U.S. Marine.

“No one wants to have anything stolen from them,” Pleasant Hill Police Capt. Todd Burrissaid. “I mean, they work hard for whatever they have for all their property, and when someone takes it away from them, it’s devastating for them sometimes.”

On the box is the U.S. Marine Corps motto — Semper Fi. It means always faithful.

Burris said it stuck out because he’s also a Marine veteran, serving three years.

“Once a Marine, always a Marine, and I would like to return their property to them,” Burris said. “They are a Marine or have a family member that is a Marine.”

Chief Tommy Wright wants to fix it. He knows how much this reunion could mean.

“Obviously, this is going to hold some sentimental level of value and value because it’s all useful tools,” Wright said. “So I think it’s going to mean a lot to get that property back to its rightful owner.”

Wright said they did find a few other pieces of stolen property, and the owner will need to detail it to claim it. 

“There were several small hand tools in there,” Wright said. “Stuff that whoever owns this could potentially identify.”

If the items look familiar, call Pleasant Hill Police at 816-540-9109.