PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — A woman in Pleasant Hill said a business owner used her address to get a business license in Missouri.

In the meantime, the baby product that company sells is being recalled for failing to meet federal safety requirements.

“I don’t want to be associated with them in any way, shape or form,” Home Owner Pamela Wardlow said.

The name of this company is Rev Grace Import.

FOX4 drove to the address listed for the company in Pleasant Hill and didn’t find a business. Instead, we found a private home and a woman who said she’s lived there for six years. During that time, this company obtained a business license.

“It’s frustrating because in my mind it’s somebody using my personal address for something that’s probably not legit,” Wardlow said.

Wardlow has received several pieces of mail over the last couple of years addressed to a business she’s never heard of.

“Reverend Grace Import Incorporated,” Wardlow said.

This week, the Consumer Products Safety Commission said the company’s Five-In-One Rocker Bassinet poses hazards to babies including suffocation, strangulation and falls.

The CPS said the products don’t meet federal infant sleep products rules and they skip key information that’s required, like labeling and instructions, and tracking labels to show when the product was made. The products were sold through online websites, including

“I hope it gets off wherever it’s being sold,” Grandma Becky Ross said, “and no child loses its life over it.”

The CPSC said Rev Grace Import Inc. is not cooperating on the recall and isn’t offering a remedy.

Online records show Rev Grace Import got its Missouri business license in June of 2021. The owner – Songzhou Chen.

“There’s no one by that name that’s ever lived here,” Wardlow said, “and it’s always been a home residence.”

The Secretary of State’s Office said in a statement to FOX4:

“The Secretary of state’s Office has no enforcement authority, rather ministerial in the formation of organizations doing business in the state of Missouri. This business did not maintain the registration reports and therefore was administratively dissolved in October 2022.”

Wardlow said she contacted the post office and the Secretary of State’s Office about the problem, she just wants the junk mail to stop.

‘It’s not yours, it’s my personal information. I outright own my home and it’s not an address for you to use for whatever it is you’re doing,” Wardlow said, “and especially if you’re cheating people.”

The CPSC reminds parents the best place for babies to sleep is on a firm, flat surface in a crib or bassinet.

You can find more tips on how to keep your children safe here.