‘Please just put them up’: Metro woman has message after 2-year-old grandson dies in shooting

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GLADSTONE, Mo. — Gladstone police are continuing to investigate the deadly shooting of a 2-year-old boy.

It happened just before 6 p.m. Monday at an apartment near N.E. 59th Terrace and North Oak Trafficway.

Investigators say the little boy got a hold of his father’s unsecured gun and shot himself. The boy’s father and another adult were home when the shooting happened. According to police, the father has been cooperative and no arrests have been made.

FOX4 spoke to the little boy’s paternal grandmother. She said the boy’s parents are not doing well.

“Love your babies,” Angela Lee said. “I never thought I would be burying one of my babies before I went and here I am. I’m 46 years old, and I’m burying my grandbaby, and it’s hard. I’m close with my kids, and I’m close with my grandkids.”

Lee received a text message Monday night, directing her to North Kansas City Hospital, where her grandson was pronounced dead.

“My son was an armed security guard,” Lee said. “He thought he unloaded his gun and put it up, and he didn’t happen to — a freak accident.”

Lee said her grandson was a few months shy of his third birthday. The boy, who Lee does not want to name, was adventurous and a climber. She said that’s probably how he reached the gun.

“I’m not against guns at all,” Lee said. “I believe that we need them to protect us today. Please just put them up from the babies.”

The Gladstone Police Department distributes gun locks free of charge, as do most other police departments in the metro.



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