Police arrest ‘serial burglar,’ a metro man also charged in Raymore Walmart shooting

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RAYMORE, Mo. — Metro police have arrested a man wanted in several local cities.

Overland Park officers caught up with 22-year-old Grandview resident Joseph Sampson on Friday morning. Police consider him to be a serial burglar, but stealing isn’t the only thing of which he’s accused.

As of Friday afternoon, Sampson was an inmate at the Johnson County, Kansas, Detention Center.

But Raymore police said the string of crimes he’s associated with includes an August 6 incident where Sampson is accused of shooting another man twice in the parking lot of the Raymore Walmart Supercenter.

Olathe police said Sampson carjacked a driver on Friday morning. Overland Park police said he crashed that stolen car at the intersection of 135th and Switzer, and police had to chase him down. A Raymore detective questioned Sampson at an OP police precinct.

Overland Park police spokesperson John Lacy said metro law enforcement agencies are aware of Sampson, and they wanted him off the streets. Lacy said he’s accused of several burglaries in Overland Park alone.

“He was wanted for multiple burglaries in the Kansas City area, including Overland Park,” Lacy said. “There are multiple burglaries we’re investigating all the way from Overland Park to Raymore.”

Charges are already filed against Sampson in Cass County regarding the Walmart shooting. Raymore Police Chief Jan Zimmerman told FOX4 that Sampson’s path back to Cass County could be complicated since police are still trying to determine how many crimes he’s tied to.

On Monday, he’ll appear in a Johnson County, Kansas, courtroom, where he’s charged with aggravated assault, which is likely to be his first of many court appearances.

Zimmerman added that higher measures may need to be taken.

If Sampson waives extradition, Zimmerman said a governor’s warrant may be needed to get him back to Missouri to answer to charges tied to the Walmart incident. However, that might happen after Kansas authorities are finished with him.



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