Police: Boy Shaken When Mom Crashed Stolen Car

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A seven-year-old boy was checked over by paramedics after his mother tried to flee from police and crashed the car she was driving into a fence, according to police.

Police say they first noticed the woman near Mt. Washington Cemetery on East Winner Road and began following her because the car she was driving was reported stolen.

Then they spotted a child in the backseat, so police say they backed off.

Still, about two miles later, the woman crashed the car into the fence around a used car lot at Truman Road and White Street.

The manager of a nearby tire shop said he heard the crash and ran to see if anyone was hurt. He said he saw the woman trying to drag the child from the car and run away.

“That’s when my friend and I took action, you know, telling her to stop. She didn’t stop so he went behind her and I went to get in front of her, but then the cop got here and pulled a gun on her and that’s when she went to the ground,” Jose Pirir said.

Pirir said four of the cars in the used car lot were badly damaged when the woman wrecked.

Paramedics determined the boy and his mother were not injured. She was taken into custody.

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