Police: Break down your boxes to avoid making yourself an easy target for thieves

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Now that the Christmas gifts are all open, it’s time to throw out the boxes they came in, but police say, beware of just how you toss those boxes out.

Big screen TV’s and many other pricey presents come in packaging that advertises exactly what’s inside, and police are warning that if you leave them out on the curb for all to see, you can unwittingly become a target of thieves.

Olathe police recently tweeted, “Don’t place empty boxes on the curb, that tells criminals what new items in your house they can steal. Break down boxes to conceal them.”

Breaking down boxes means cutting the tape off the bottom and sides of the box and then folding it in so the box can fit inside your recycle bin.

Police say thieves want to take TV’s , gaming devices, computers and other high-priced items. Leaving those empty boxes at your curb, out in the open, let’s them know they can target your house.

Also if you name and address is attached to a box, it makes it easier for thieves to learn who lives inside the home.

In Kansas City the week of Dec. 26-31 is trash amnesty week, which means, you can put up to 15 bags of trash on the curb with no extra charge. Remember trash collectors will not take any bulky items, leaves or brush this week.



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