Police try to ‘bust’ duo for $1k worth of stolen bras

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SANFORD, Fla. — A pair of bra bandits allegedly stole more than $1,000 worth of bras from a Florida Victoria’s Secret.

In total, 20 bras were taken from the main floor, a police report said.

So what did the pair, a man and woman, plan to do with them? Leave that answer to Facebook.

Sanford, Fla., police said just before the two crooks went in to steal the pricey items, the woman wrote going “shopping” to “Victoria’s Secret,” “place your orders,” WKMG-TV reported.

The crooks still have not been caught, but police wonder if they’re connected to another underwear theft at the same store. Seventy-five pairs of underwear and bras were taken in that case.

Police said there is no surveillance video of the incident and could not find the Facebook page with the “place your orders” post.

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