Police buy 16 boxes after someone swiped Girl Scouts cookie money

Picture of officer with Girl Scouts cookies

Girl scouts have cookie money swiped, police save the day – WGCL

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Police officers stepped in to save the day after Girl Scouts were robbed of their cookie money. It happened on Friday outside of a metro Atlanta Kroger, WGCL reported.

“I was really upset, and I was like, ‘How could someone do this, especially to girls my age?’” 13-year-old Haley Rolnick said.

Haley has been a Girl Scout for nine years.

“It’s a lot of fun, and I get to meet a lot of a lot of nice and interesting people,” she said.

Haley and her troop quickly learned that not all people mean well.

Police said on Friday, a Girl Scout from the troop was with her grandmother selling cookies outside of the Kroger. The grandmother went inside the store to get plastic bags.

Police said when she returned to the table, the money bag, with $175 in it, was gone. Neither she nor her granddaughter saw anyone take off with it.

“That’s the shame of it,” Angela Rolnick, Haley’s mom and troop leader, said. “You took away from girls really working very hard.”

Rolnick sees it as a lesson for the troop, especially the scout who was there.

“She’s upset,” she said. “She doesn’t understand why somebody would do it. It makes her a little nervous and we’ve talked about it and said unfortunately this is the reality of the world. There’s bad people everywhere you go, and you can’t control that.”

But there are good people, like two Cobb County police officers who bought 16 boxes of cookies to make up for the theft.

“Cobb County was wonderful to her,” Rolnick said. “They were comforting to her. They sent the police officers to purchase for other members of the police department who had heard, which was great. It boosted her because at that moment, she just wanted to go home.”

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