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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A dog is on its way to get checked out Friday after someone threw it from a car.

It happened near 45th and Garfield around 9:20 a.m.

The area where it happened is a hot spot for illegal dumping– one of the worst in Kansas City, investigators say.

Thankfully the dog was not injured, but it needed a lot of water due to the heat, those who responded to the scene said.

They’re giving the dog lots of water right now – but thankfully the dog isn’t injured.  They don’t know how old she is but say she’s given birth several times.

The city’s illegal dumping investigator and a KCPD officer were looking for a suspect in the area when they got a tip about someone dumping a dog. They reviewed video from the illegal dumping cameras in the area, and saw someone in a white Kia Forte throwing the dog out of the car. They searched the area and within a half hour found the dog a few blocks away on Park Avenue.

Officials say the dog will go to the KC Pet Project to be checked out.

Investigators say this is the second time they’ve caught someone dumping a dog on camera in three years.

“It’s really hot today,” KCMO illegal dumping investigator Alan Ashurst said. “Just kind of goes to show you when you’re thinking about disrespecting your animals they don’t take anything into account. It’s ridiculous.”

Animal control says the dog does have a micro chip and is registered so they’ll be able to give the owner a citation. From there, that person will go before a judge. Animal control says there’s no way the dog will be returned to the owner.