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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Police continue to investigate a serious crash involving a Chiefs coach.

That wreck happened Thursday night on I-435 south near Eastwood Trafficway. Snow now blankets the spot where the crash unfolded that night.

Police said head coach Andy Reid’s son, Britt Reid, slammed into two other vehicles, injuring two young children.

Many answers about how and why the crash occurred will take a long time to get. As the the investigation moves forward, conversations about what happens next are just beginning.

“We’ve got EMS arriving on scene. We have one child possibly critically injured,” audio recordings from KC dispatch said.

That child, loved ones on GoFundMe say, is 5-year-old Ariel, who remains in critical condition.

KCPD said she and another child were riding with family members to help a relative stranded on the road. Both vehicles smashed into by a truck, which records show was driven by Britt Reid, who is the Chiefs’ linebackers coach.

“My heart goes out to that young lady. I’m also a dad so I get that. I have concerns obviously on both sides,” Andy Reid said.

Andy said his son is still in the hospital, too.

“Britt did have surgery. He’s doing better now,” Andy Reid said.

While police await test results to determine if Britt Reid was legally impaired, police documents show he told investigators he’d been drinking and took a prescription medicine before the crash.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving partners with the Kansas City Chiefs, offering classes to the team on making smart choices to avoid drinking and driving.

The organization fired off this letter to the team demanding accountability from the team’s “highest levels.”

“They are leaders in the community. They are individuals that the community looks up to and are role models for our children so it’s so very important for us to have that message as a reminder to them as we do with the community to always keep in mind these crashes are 100% preventable,” said Meghan Carter, MADD Missouri & Kansas field operations director.

The vehicles involved in Thursday’s crash are still being processed, and it’ll likely take weeks for all information needed to be collected for possible criminal charges.

“We truly believe here at MADD that the decision to drink & drive and put lives at risk continually should be prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law every time. No excuses and no exceptions,” said Alex Otte, MADD national president.

FOX4 reached out to the Chiefs, asking if they would talk about where Britt Reid was in the minutes leading up to the crash and if he was drinking at any team-related events. The team referred us back to its Friday statement and would not comment further.