Neighbors: Man with Pipe Bomb Materials Terrorized Neighborhood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One man was taken into police custody after pipe bomb materials were found in his home.

Residents in the 7200 block of NE 70th Street in the Northland were evacuated for a short time on Tuesday following the discovery. Police were at the man's home after a neighbor called to report he had strung an extension cord from their house to his.

Police said this isn't the first time the man, whose home is in foreclosure, has had run-ins with the law.

On Sunday he was arrested after he shot paint balls at a home across the street.

"He's been throwing paint balls at out house," said neighbor Dawn Clark. "Found about 30 bullet rounds he threw at our house. He's come onto our property with a machete. He's put threatening notes in our yard. "

He also vandalized their mailbox and he fired a bb gun at their house destroying a window. Residents in that house said they fear the pipe bomb could have been intended for them.

Police say the suspect had all the makings of a pipe bomb but there was nothing inside the house that was a functioning explosive device.

Officers are also aware of the man's history.

"We've  had a couple of calls to this residence the man in this house and his behavior has been escalating," said Stacey Graves with KCPD.

Neighbors say they hope the man gets the help he needs.

"He needs help, someone needs to step in and help this man," said neighbor Dawn Clark. "I understand he has mental issues but he's been terrorizing us. My grandchildren can't even come over because we're afraid of what he'll do."

Neighbors say the man's house is in foreclosure . Recently his power was shut off which is why he ran the extension cord to steal the neighbor's power.

After his arrest, police took him to an area hospital for a mental evaluation.



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