Police: Fake Bail Bondsman Ripped Off Victim in Courthouse

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. --A metro man wanted by police has turned himself in. The Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office is reporting 29-year-old Andre Hendrickson is behind bars. He is suspected of posing as a bail bondsman and bilking a woman out of her son's bail money.

The alleged theft happened at the Wyandotte County Courthouse on July 26th. In surveillance video, the suspect - pretending to be a bail bondsman - is seen holding the envelope containing $1,500 given to him by the victim, Olga Nunez, gave him to bail out her son. He then leaves, and hasn't been seen since then.

"He walks up and says, 'I'm so n so from this bond company,' and she hands him the $1,500 in cash," said Lt. Kelli Bailiff of the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department. "He says, 'Now wait a minute I have to go to the car to get the paperwork to bond your son out,' and he never came back and (Nunez) sat there and waited and waited."

Authorities released video in hopes that someone would recognize the suspect from the surveillance footage to help bring justice to a mother who just wanted to help out her son.

"People may say, 'Well her son committed a crime,' but she didn't," said Lt. Bailiff. "She's the victim in the case. She worked hard for that money, the money was stolen from her and her family and she's not able to raise the money to bond him out."

Through a translator, Nunez says that $1,500 is a lot of money for her, and doesn't have any more money to bond her son out. She didn't want the fake bondsman's face to victimize anybody else.

"That way they don't keep it going and happen to more people," said Nunez.




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