Police helicopter pilot awarded for actions during emergency landing

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Police said thanks to a pilot’s quick thinking, no one was hurt during a police helicopter’s emergency landing. Now that pilot is being recognized for his actions.

About four months ago, a police helicopter had to make an emergency landing at Independence Avenue and Elmwood due to an engine problem.

The Board of Police Commissioners are honoring officers who went above and beyond during that incident.

Pilot Kevin Colmar had only about 20 seconds to get the chopper on the ground. Amazingly, no one was hurt and the helicopter landed smoothly.

Police are honoring Colmar with a distinguished service medal for his quick thinking.

“By the time you recognize that there’s a problem, in this case it was the rotor RPMs were rapidly decreasing. Rotor RPMS are what you need to sustain altitude. We didn’t have that,” Colmar said.

He quickly realized what maneuver he needed to do in order to land safely and was able to get down to the ground safely within that 20-second window.

Colmar’s perfect landing made news around the world, even getting a write-up in an Australian magazine



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