Police take suspects into custody following lengthy standoff

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Waldo man had a front row seat to a four-and-a-half hour standoff Monday afternoon, as a man and woman refused to come of the home right next door to him.

"As I went out the back door to let my dog out, there was a cop standing there with a gun pointed at me, just said go back in the house and lock the door," said neighbor Daniel Morris.

Morris didn't argue, he closed the door and stayed inside. He couldn't leave to go to work, so he passed the time watching a couple of movies. But he did keep an ear out for anything unusual and occasionally took a peek.

"I have a side window that has a clear view so I'd go see what was going on."

All the excitement started just after 1 p.m. when officers spotted a man they believed had a felony warrant.

"When the suspect saw the officers he took off and ran into a home on 77th Terrace," explained Kari Thompson, KCPD spokesperson.

As officers approached the home, a female slammed the door and neither would come out.

The standoff began, and 77th Terrace between Brookside Road and Main Street was closed off, no one was allowed in or out of the area.

Morris said dozens of officers showed up and each of them had their weapons out. For the next few hours, Morris said it was quiet, then he heard glass break and braced for a commotion, but it never came.

"I thought they were going to use flash bangs to get the people out, but guys came out incident, no big deal," he said.

The incident ended about 5:30 p.m. with the man and woman arrested. Police aren't releasing their names or details on the man's felony warrant.



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