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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Shots fired during a child’s birthday party in Kansas City, send three people to the hospital Sunday.

Witnesses say two men walked up to a home near 36th and Bellefontaine and fired several shots. Three people were hit and one is in critical condition.

A bounce house filled with dozens of kids laughing and praying, completely unaware of what’s going on around them, enjoying a birthday party that is at the center of a crime.

“It makes me mad because we are killing each other,” said Michael Johnson, who was enjoying a Sunday evening with family and friends when he heard nine gunshots and saw neighbors hit the ground.

“All of the sudden you have somebody coming over here with a gun. Shooting somebody for no reason,” Johnson said.

One neighbor told me the suspects who are in their mid 20’s pointed a gun at him first, warning him to get inside. Witnesses say a woman and her children live in the home the suspects shot at but neighbors believe it was completely random.

“You’re careless. You’re really careless,” said Johnson.

All the while, dozens of children, most under the age of five years old are outside playing.

“It was careless and wreckless as it was but then to do this while you have a yard full of kids, two doors down, you don’t care,” community activist Pat Clarke said.

Neighbors who have lived in this neighborhood for 50 years say it’s no longer a place they can call home, fed up with the senseless violence in their own front yard.

“Until we can stop doing what we are doing to each other, we are gonna always have a problem,” Johnson said.

Neighbors say they saw the two suspects flee through a field and haven’t been seen since. If you know anything about this, call CrimeStoppers at 816-474-TIPS.