Police investigating after intruder breaks in through window and touches Independence girl

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Just hours after an Independence 12-year-old girl and her siblings had been trick-or-treating, a horrifying scene is reported to have unfolded in her bedroom.

The girl’s mom said with the nicer weather on Halloween they had the window open during the day at their ground floor apartment off of Highway 291 in Independence. The mother said it was closed but didn’t get locked that night.

“I was awoken by my daughter coming in to the living room screaming, ‘Someone just climbed out of my window,'” the woman said.

Her daughter said she woke up to the man rubbing her bottom.

“When he noticed that she started to wake up, he quickly put his hand over her mouth. She began to scream her scream was muffled,” she said.

Independence police were called and found the window open, but no one around.

“I don’t know if this was a random act, if this was calculated. That’s what’s really scary,” the Independence mom said.

With the person responsible still thought to be out there, the girl’s mom has installed alarms on the windows of her apartment.

“My daughter was incredibly fortunate not to have anything happen to her beyond a minor touch. If this person would enter your home and do that to your daughter, certainly it could go further, and we were just beyond lucky that that wasn’t the case here,” her mother said.

Independence police have not provided an official suspect description. The girl told police the intruder was a white male with a beard or goatee, short dark hair, approximately 5-foot-8 and likely in his early 20s.



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