Police investigating after Northland man says Trump signs vandalized for second time


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With less than three weeks until election day, things are getting heated.

Kansas City Police are trying to find the person who vandalized a big Donald Trump sign with Nazi swastikas.

It happened overnight in the Northland.

Gary Adams has been maintaining a big “Trump/Pence” sign on property near his home for weeks. But Thursday morning he woke up to find it vandalized.

His big sign and smaller signs all around it, vandalized with swastikas sprayed all over them.

Adams said he intends to leave the signs as they are to send a message.

“Yeah, I’m gonna leave them there so everyone can see what people have done to them,” Adams said. “They can make thier own judgements but the signs are battle hard now that’s for sure.”

Adams said this is actually the second time his sign was defaced. It also happened in late September.



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