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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. —  Overland Park police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting at 123rd and Mackey where an officer died from his injuries on Sunday night.

The suspect in the shooting also died at the scene, which was reported just before 6 p.m.

UPDATE: Overland Park police identify officer killed in Sunday shooting. 

Police tell FOX4 that the officer was trying to stop the suspect after a hit-and-run crash. Police say the officer saw the hit-and-run near 143rd and Antioch while he was off-duty, but in uniform getting ready to go into work.

The officer followed the suspect’s vehicle to 123rd and Mackey where the suspect stopped and the officer approached the vehicle. That’s when gunshots were exchanged, both the officer and suspect were shot.

The suspect died on scene. The officer was taken to a hospital where he later passed away surrounded by his wife and daughter.

The officer has been with the Overland Park Police Department for more than a decade, and was a dedicated father, husband and public servant.

“He was a good officer. He did his job. I mean that’s what he was doing. He was going into work. He observed a hit-and-run accident,” Overland Park Officer John Lacy said.

“Tried calling officers to get to scene. He did his job all the way up to the end, so I got to respect an officer like that. He was a true gentleman. He was a wonderful officer.” 

There is a large police presence at the scene while investigators begin to piece together what led to the death of the officer. Neither he nor the suspect have been identified yet. 

The Overland Park Police Department last lost an officer in the line of duty on January 26, 1985 when an intoxicated driver ran Deanna Rose over trying to avoid arrest.

“I’ve never lost an officer. I lost family members and things of that sort. But police family, we’re family. So it’s hard,” Officer Lacy said.