Police on the lookout for those not wearing seatbelts

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An aggressive click-it-or-ticket campaign began Thursday in our area. Officers will be looking for drivers and passengers who aren’t strapped in with a seatbelt.

In Kansas City, the rules for seatbelts are stricter and not wearing a seatbelt is a primary offense, meaning you can get pulled over primarily for not wearing your seatbelt.

In 80 percent of Missouri, this is not the case, but Kansas City passed the ordinance in 2013 allowing police to pull over drivers without a seatbelt.

The law in Missouri says front seat passengers and the driver are required to wear their seatbelt. Passengers under 16 years of age, regardless of where they are seated in the vehicle must wear a seat belt or be properly restrained in a car seat at all times.

Missouri authorities say seatbelt infractions are particularly prevalent with people riding in pickup trucks.

According to state statistics, six out of ten people killed in Missouri car crashes were not wearing seatbelts. The state has an 84 percent seatbelt usage, which is below the national average of 90 percent.



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