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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Newly released video shows the last known location of missing Overland Park woman Marilane Carter.

The video is from a Shell gas station in West Memphis, Arkansas, where Carter is seen filling up a drinking container with water inside the store, then filling up her dark grey GMC Acadia with gas and leaving.

She’s alone, and police said she doesn’t appear to be in distress. See the surveillance footage in the video player above.

Carter’s phone pinged at that location, and it’s the last time she can be traced.

“I was encouraged to see that she wasn’t under any duress,” said Carter’s brother-in-law Brady McLaughlin. “She didn’t seem afraid. She seemed actually casual and pleasant.”

The gas station is located on Interstate 55, west of the Mississippi River. Police are now using sonar to search the river. Carter’s husband is helping, along with other volunteers.

“We have to use the evidence of the phone pinging and the location, and then when you go out into that radius, that’s 2,500 meters for each direction for the radius, the Mississippi River is right there,” Overland Park Police Det. Blake Larson said.

“So I think that people automatically begin to think that she might be in the river, which would be a tragic outcome to this.”

This all started Aug. 1, when Carter left Overland Park in her SUV to drive to Birmingham, Alabama, to visit family and seek mental health treatment.

Police tracked her to Rolla, Missouri, where Carter stopped at a McDonald’s, then she checked in to a hotel in West Plains, Missouri. She was there for just over two hours before checking out.

Her next stop, police said, was a convenience store in Hazen, Arkansas, then she traveled east to her last known stop in West Memphis, Arkansas. All of that happened in a 24-hour period.

“What makes this one really strange is how everything just stopped at a certain time,” Larson said. “We haven’t had any sightings or heard from her since.”

The mother of three talked several times with her husband and mother during her drive south. At one point, she appeared to be confused and disoriented on a drive family said she’s taken many times.

“At one point Marilane mentioned to the family that she was traveling on dirt roads, going on a trek,” McLaughlin said. “It should be interstate highways between two metropolitan areas, so that’s concerning and confusing.”

It has been a difficult two weeks for the Carter family not knowing where Marilane is, seemingly disappearing into thin air.

Monday is her daughter’s third birthday, and her family is praying for a birthday miracle.

“My hope is we find her today,” McLaughlin said Friday. “I hope we can rule out this river search, and maybe she’s in a hospital that hasn’t reached back to the family. Maybe she’s disoriented and somehow she’s safe somewhere. We don’t know but we hope we find her immediately.”

If anyone has any information about Marilane Carter, call the Overland Park Police Department if in the Kansas City metro area. Outside of that, call your local police department. Carter has been entered into the NCIC database.