Police release video showing police chase on Chiefs parade route ending in arrests


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police have released a video with bird’s-eye footage detailing the events of a police chase on the Chiefs victory parade route that ended in two arrests on February 5.

The incident happened just after 8 a.m., hours before the start of the parade, according Kansas City police. The suspect driver broke through the parade barrier on the north side of the route.

In the video, you can see the car driving down Grand Boulevard in between crowds of people. Three times, police officers hit the car with stop sticks.

“They hit stop sticks three times. All tires are flat,” a voice said over police radio. “There’s a lot of police following it.”

At one point in the video, the car bumps into a police cruiser attempting to box it in on the bridge over I-670. However, the car was able to maneuver around police and continue driving south. As it approached Union Station, police became more worried over viewers already gathered for the rally.

“We’ve got a bunch of pedestrians down here,” another voice said in the video. “There’s no clear path. We need to get this stopped.”

Officers who stopped high-speed chase before Chiefs parade later talked about how they did it, driving into the back fender of the car to spin it around and, soon after, disable it. Other police cars piled up in front of the car so it couldn’t keep going.

Mayor Quinton Lucas said no officers or people at the parade, including the two suspects, were injured.

The drivers tested positive for amphetamines and cocaine.

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