Police report: Cab meter dispute set off events leading to officer-involved shooting


Courtesy: KCMO Fire Dept. KCMO firefighter Anthony Bruno was shot and killed Sunday Dec 1.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A police report released on Monday by the KCMO PD shows police heard two different versions of the assault of a cab driver early Sunday morning. It was followed shortly thereafter by a separate alleged assault on a Kansas City police officer and deadly shooting of a man named Anthony Bruno, who had been celebrating at his wedding reception earlier before the incidents.

The police report states the taxi ride began with Bruno, his wife and an unidentified man requesting a ride from Anthony’s Restaurant and Lounge at 701 Grand to the Marriott Muehlebach Hotel at 12th and Wyandotte.

When the City Cab-operated taxi arrived at the hotel, the report states that Bruno and his wife discussed the possibility of extending the fare to get the other man, who was reportedly very intoxicated, to a location north of the Missouri River. This is where the witness accounts begin to differ.

In the midst of discussing the extended fare, there was a dispute as to why the meter continued to run from the already accrued $6.00. The driver claimed at that point he was suddenly punched in the back of the head by Bruno and was repeatedly punched until he leaned forward in his chair.

He then claimed that he tried to exit the vehicle, but had his door opened and was struck in the torso, neck and face. He said that it ended with a security guard and uniformed police officer arriving to the cab. FOX 4 spoke with the cab driver who stood by the statements he made to police, but did not want to go on camera.

Bruno’s wife told an officer that an argument ensued as a result of the running meter and that they attempted to pay the fare. She then said that the driver threw the money back at her and called her a name. After that action she said the driver was punched but did not elaborate past that detail.

This police report concludes by listing minor injuries for the cab driver, including small lacerations above his left eyebrow and that blood was dripping from his chin onto his coat. At present, no arrests have been made stemming from this incident and it is a developing story that FOX 4 will continue to follow.

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