Police respond when big brother & little brother call 911 to talk to Santa

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MAYVILLE, Wisc. — When two brothers get together, they find mischief and that’s why their mother isn’t surprised when she learned they called 911 trying to find Santa Claus.

You can’t blame them, really. After all, they are just six and three-years old.

Courtesy: WITI- FOX6Now.com
Courtesy: WITI- FOX6Now.com

“When they get together, they are devils,” Blake and Brody’s mother, Jennifer Becker said.

Becker didn’t realize her husband’s cell phone was unlocked. The boys called 911, looking for Santa Claus.

“It was determined that a three-year-old and a six-year-old had dialed 911 and were attempting to contact Santa Claus,” Mayville Police Officer Christopher MacNeill said.

“Trucks — big trucks. One wants a dirt bike,” their mom said.

What the boys got instead was the police at their door!

“We didn’t know what the situation was,” Officer MacNeill said.

“She came in and talked to the children about calling Santa and how Santa is only in person,” Becker said.

Police released these little boys early, on good behavior.

“I think we got a laugh out of it! Glad there was no problem there,” Officer MacNeill said.

The boys got a tour of the police station and some advice that hopefully they’ll remember next Christmas.

“One thing they have to understand is the North Pole is out of our jurisdiction — so there is not much we can do with helping them connect with Santa Claus,” Officer MacNeill said.

Mayville is about an hour northwest of Milwaukee.

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