Police say no danger after interviewing man who offered money to Liberty children in their backyard

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LIBERTY, Mo. — After concerned parents shared a video warning others about stranger danger with their children, police have stated they have found the stranger in question, who has denied any “criminal intent.”

“At this point we do not believe there is a danger to anyone in the community,” the Liberty Police Department stated in a Facebook post.

The statement comes after FOX4 reported on the video, which shows a person in a hoodie approached young children playing in a backyard on Monday, Feb. 17.

In the video, the man approaches the fence with what appears to be cash in his hand. The hooded stranger then reaches over the fence and sounds as though he is offering the two-, four-, and six-year-old children cash to buy candy. The man, insistent at first, finally left after the children refused to approach him.

“We have since learned the identity of the man and have interviewed him. The man has denied having any nefarious or criminal intent,” the police stated. “He has been advised to discontinue this type of behavior.”

They stated they don’t believe there is a danger to anyone in the community, and the children acted exactly how they should have.



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