Police say shooting at 35th and Benton was retaliation for Sun Fresh shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo -- A shooting Tuesday just before midnight is connected to the Sun Fresh shooting Monday, officials say. Police call it retaliation.

It all started Monday night at the Sun Fresh Market at 31st and Prospect. A man walked into the store and shot another man who police say was his intended target. He also shot an innocent 15-year-old girl who works there.

Fast forward to Tuesday just before midnight when a house at 35th and Benton Boulevard was shot up. Dozens of holes in the house. There were so many gunshots, neighbors describe it as a barrage of bullets.

Police believe it was retaliation for the Sun Fresh shooting. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Witnesses say a white van was involved in this shooting, and sources say that van ended up at 32nd and Park Avenue.

“As soon as I opened the door, across the street was a white van, totally engulfed in flames,” said Michael Higgins, who called police.

Higgins said he heard a noise just after midnight Wednesday, and after checking to make sure his family was OK, he saw the van on fire outside of his house.

At the time, he did not know its connection to another shooting, but said he hopes the good people in the community finally say enough is enough.

“You know some of the people who are getting involved in this stuff, we can’t afford this anymore,” Higgins said of the violence plaguing Kansas City. “Young people, people are going to funerals -- It is just tearing the community apart, just not worth it. For what? Senseless violence, it is just stupid.”

Higgins said he saw a car racing away from the van on fire, driving the wrong way down a one-way street. He could not give a good description because it was dark out.

Kansas City Councilman Jermaine Reed released this statement following news of the shooting:

"My sincere prayer is the drive-by shooting is not related to the Sun-Fresh Grocery Store indicate.

Acts of violence towards individuals residence is extremely distributing. I am grateful Kansas City Police Department has confirmed there were no injuries reported at the residence.

As with all acts of violence in Kansas City, I detest the act! Collectively, we as a community stand in solidarity against violence.

If this is found to be gang-related, I hope KC-NOVA has this suspect and intended victim(s), in their network. This intelligence ensures all involved parties will be questioned and hopefully the suspect will be identified.

I am hopeful, the Prosecutors Office, the Kansas City Police Department Assault Squad and AdHoc Group Against Crime, can relocate the intended victim of the drive-by shooting.

We must continue to rely heavily on, and encourage relatives and other citizens in our neighborhoods, to continue to be the eyes and ears for their neighbors. We must stand up, speak up and stop the violence."



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