LEXINGTON, Mo. – Teachers and students at Leslie Bell Elementary School in Lexington experienced a scary situation Wednesday morning.

Police locked down the school after someone reported two men wearing black hoodies and ski masks tried to get into the building.

Lexington Police and Lafayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded and cleared the building.

Officers determined the two men were not inside the building. After further investigation, the officers say they have two suspects in the case. Officers are following leads to locate the two men.

Police say no injures were reported during the incident.

The school district said it followed emergency protocols and notified parents about the scare as soon as it could do so.

Anyone with information about the scare is asked to call Lexington Lexington Missouri Police Department at 660-259-6321.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the school as Lexington Middle School instead of Leslie Bell Elementary School in Lexington, Missouri.