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OLATHE, Kan. — The land that sits at 1401 N. Woodland St. was overrun with police officers Wednesday, looking for Angela Green.

The 51-year-old was last seen in June 2019 but not reported missing until February 2020.

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Green’s neighbors in Prairie Village became concerned they hadn’t seen their neighbor in a long time and reached out to Green’s daughter who is in school at KU. Green’s daughter reportedly said her father told her Green died of a stroke in June, but her daughter didn’t believe him.

The Olathe property searched Wednesday is large and includes clearings, a wooded area and a pond. It stretches behind a residential area where people were surprised at what they saw going on.

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“I was getting ready to run errands, and I saw a gator go by with four police officers in it,” said Misti Grady, whose home backs up to the pond on the search site.

“I saw them back up and put a boat in the water, then people started coming by on foot searching the area on foot. There was quite a few people back there, I’d say 20-30 at one point.”

Grady, who has young children, was concerned about the police activity behind her house and asked one of the officers what was going on.

“She said they’re just they’re just looking for the potential body that was maybe placed back here to hide it,” Grady said. “And it was an older gentleman that they’re looking for that possibly did it that had connection to this land.”

The only thing police will say on the record is that they are looking for Green. Prairie village police will not categorize this as a homicide investigation and are not listing anyone as a suspect or person of interest.

They’re simply saying they’re investigating a missing persons case. Police said they’ve received inconsistent accounts about Green that are concerning.

The land owner leases warehouse and office space to several companies including Marionix Marble and Granite and K&M Services, as well as trucking companies, among others.

In order to get the warrant to search this property, Prairie Village Police had to convince a judge they have probable cause to believe something happened to Green.

They also had to prove there’s evidence at the Olathe location and at her Prairie Village home, which was also searched by police Wednesday.

“It’s actually pretty frightening. We just moved in here this summer, so it’s crazy to think our kids would play right behind our fence right back there and climb the tree and stuff,” Grady said. “And to think maybe a body was put back there is actually pretty frightening.”

Midday Wednesday police thought the search of the Olathe property would stretch into Thursday. But late Wednesday afternoon, they packed up, left and are done — although that could always change.