Joshua Hare turns himself into police

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A KCK man wanted for a recent murder turned himself in to police on Tuesday. Joshua Hare’s family says they don’t believe he committed the crime, nor was he trying to avenge his sister’s recent death.

On February 2nd Latisha Hare, pregnant with her third child, was found dead inside a vacant, burning house. On February 25th 26-year-old Chad Coen was found shot to death in the street near 14th and Metropolitan, about two miles from where Latisha Hare was killed.

Three weeks later prosecutors charged Latisha Hare’s brother Joshua with Coen’s murder.

“I don’t see Joshua as a killer. He’s really a good boy. He was really trying to get his head on right,” Angela Marcus, Joshua and Latisha Hare’s cousin, said.

A key question right now is did Joshua Hare kill Coen in retaliation for his sister’s death?

“They’re not connected. Latisha was very good friends with Chad,” Marcus said. “I don’t see Joshua setting out to kill somebody. I just don’t see that being portrayed and I don’t believe that Chad could’ve harmed Latisha.”

Marcus told FOX 4 that Latisha, Joshua and Coen were all friends and all past methamphetamine users. Did drugs play a role in either murder? Joshua and Latisha’s relatives say they don’t know.

“It will all come out and I hope Mr. Coen’s family gets justice and I hope Latisha gets justice,” Marcus said.

Twenty-year-old Joshua Hare is charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a firearm. He’s in jail being held on a $1 million bond.



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