Police serve warning following reports of man secretly videotaping at local pool

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Olathe police are urging everyone to keep a watchful eye on any suspicious activity if you're out and about this summer. The police department has received reports of a man taking pictures at Black Bob Bay with a camera hidden in his glasses.

"People are crazy," said Jennifer Duxbury, a mother of two.

She expressed her concern after hearing a man was using his sunglasses to video tape at Black Bob Bay in Olathe on Monday.

"It's crazy how scary technology has gotten, as far as how advanced it is," Duxbury added.

OPD Major Jack Fahrnow says this type of behavior is concerning.

"One of the patrons at the pool approached staff, and at that time staff went to contact the individual and he was packing up with his family and leaving," said Maj. Fahrnow. "With the video aids, and the technology aids, I'm certain it will probably be more prevalent,"

He says incidents like this shouldn't go unreported.

"With any type of public facility, eyes on from all the public in reference to suspicious activity is the most important part that we ask our community to do," Maj. Fahrnow said, "If you see anything suspicious you can contact the staff of that facility, or you can dial 911. Our office will come out and investigate the incident to see what type of activity is taking place."

A city representative says that people wishing to use recording devices need to have permission.

"The city of Olathe does not allow video or still devices in their pools without manager approval," said Erin Vader, the communications manager for Olathe.

She says the city will not tolerate anyone breaking the rules.

"When pool patrons are at city pools, we want them to be having a good time, and not worry about whether their privacy is being invaded, or whether something is being done outside of just having a good time," she said. "So it's really important that our patrons feel comfortable at our pools, and that they feel like their privacy is protected even in a public place."

"You want to take every precaution to protect your child from people like that," added Duxbury.

Jennifer has a season pass, so they come to Black Bob Bay three or four times a week. She says now she's going to be extra cautious.

"It will keep my eyes open, in the future, looking out for stuff like that now!" she said.

This incident is still under investigation. The same 'no recording' policy also applies to Overland Park pools.



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