Police share more details on attempted robbery, deadly shooting at local Boost Mobile

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Overland Park police spent Tuesday investigating a deadly shooting at 76th and Metcalf.

It happened around 7:45 p.m. Monday at Boost Mobile during an attempted robbery.

Overland Park police say DeShawn Brim went into the store and demanded merchandise with a gun in his hand. The attempted robbery was recorded on the store’s security video.

Missouri court records show Brim was out on parole. He served prison time for weapons charges.

“What we see is we see the suspect go into the store,” said John Lacy, with the Overland Park Police Department. “He displays a handgun, and at the same time he’s demanding merchandise. At that point, he put the gun into his waistband or in his pocket, and that’s when the employee at that point, he brandished a firearm.”

Lacy said they questioned the employee who shot and killed Brim, and another employee who hid behind a counter during the attempted robbery and shooting. Officers did not make any arrests. They also questioned a woman they said is Brim’s wife, who was outside the store when everything happened.

“The employee engaged and told him to leave the store and get out, and that’s when the firearms were almost like muzzle to muzzle,” Lacy said. “And that’s when the fight occurred between the two, and that’s when the fire fight began.”

According to Lacy, the Boost Mobile was robbed in the past, with the most recent incident occurring a few weeks ago.

“Be aware that if you’re the bad guy, the good guy can also have a firearm, too,” Lacy said. “You never know who is carrying a firearm.”

Khalid Noor owns Ultimate Hair Salon, just a few doors down from Boost Mobile where the deadly shooting happened. He said he’s seen several instances of crime happen there and, as a result, changed the hours at the salon.

“You don’t want to stay late,” Noor said. “Sometimes I’m by myself. I worry about my employees because sometimes I’m not here.”

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