Police shooting near two Independence schools leaves some parents anxious

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — There were tense moments inside two Independence schools Monday because of what happened outside.

Police say they responded around noon to a man threatening to harm himself in the same area as Korte Elementary and Nowlin Middle schools.

He ran to a nearby golf curse with a weapon. Police initially said he shot at them, but they have since said he did not shoot at them. Police did shoot at the suspect.

“The first one sounded like, right when I heard the first gun shot I was like, ‘Oh maybe it’s just the one gun shot.’ Then all of a sudden, it went like four straight, five straight. Maybe it’s something serious,” witness Matthew Tialava said.

The Independence School District said it took necessary precautions to keep everyone inside its buildings safe. The two nearby schools went under lockdowns, which were lifted after abut 10 minutes.

In a statement to FOX4, the Independence School District said they notified parents and students about what was happening.

But the shooting has some parents and grandparents of students on edge.

“It’s very scary. There are just too many things that can go wrong nowadays. You just never know,” Nowlin Middle School grandparent Debbie Day said.

Another man who witnessed the shooting said, unfortunately, things like this are common in the area.

“I mean, it’s sad to say but we have gunshots everywhere around here,” Michael McCarter said.

Police said no officers were hurt during this exchange. The man who shot at police was injured.



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