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HALL COUNTY, GA — The mother of an NFL player’s children was arrested in metro Atlanta after police say she stabbed the player with a knife.

Police said that Erica Palmer, the mother of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Erik Walden’s children, broke into Walden’s home, stabbed him with a knife and beat his girlfriend with a bat.

Palmer was arrested and taken to the Hall County jail on Sunday.

Police say it all started late Saturday night when Walden and Gloria Smith returned home from dinner and found Palmer inside Walden’s home.

“When they got to the house, Mrs. Palmer was in the house sitting on the couch. She found Walden’s gun that was in the dresser and she had a baseball bat,” said Lou Solis, Asst. Police Chief with the Braselton Police Department.

Police say Palmer, who drove to Hall County from Tennessee, purchased the bat and a knife from a Walmart not far from Walden’s home. According a police report, Walden took the gun from Palmer, but not before she waved it at him and Smith.

“She ends up getting into a fight with the girl, swinging the bat and ends up hitting the friend on the right arm above the elbow and ends up breaking her arm,” Solis said.

Investigators say Palmer left the scene when Walden called 911. Once officers left the scene, detectives say Palmer went back to the house.

“The wife was hiding in the woods. She comes running out, goes to the passenger-side door, he jumps out the truck to help her and that is when she starts attacking him,” Solis said.

Investigators say Walden was stabbed several times on his arm.

Palmer got away before police and K-9 units arrived, but detectives say she returned to the house early Sunday morning, setting off the security alarm.

Palmer was eventually arrested at a nearby hotel.

Investigators say it turns out when Palmer was assaulting Walden and Smith, her children were in her car alone about a mile away from Walden’s home.

Detectives say the children were not harmed.

“This could have been really bad, it could have gone really south,” Solis said.