KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After nearly 30 years of working at Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen, the man who poured the first ever Boulevard Beer sold is hanging up the bottle opener.

The company wanted to tip their cap to Adam Scott before his last day, so the founder made a visit Monday.

“So, I hear you’re retiring,” John McDonald, the founder of the Boulevard Brewing Company said.

“Yea I’m done Friday brother,” replied Scott.

“Well,I thought I’d bring you a little bit of beer,” McDonald said.

When McDonald needed a spot for people to get a taste of what he was brewing up, he came to Ponak’s and he came to Adam Scott to make the pour. They even have the pictures to prove it.

But it wasn’t what it is now when McDonald and his friends rolled the barrel down the boulevard.

The man who poured the first glass will be honest with you.

“But I was like give me a minute, it’ll get cold, we’ll be OK. We poured it over ice, gave it to a couple of guys and it was OK. Some liked it, some didn’t,” Scott said.

The legacy Scott leaves behind is more than just the moment Kansas City’s own Boulevard Beer made its debut. It’s about the impact he’s had had on his community for nearly three decades.

As well as the people that made it so special for him.

“He’s meant a lot, it’s like you haven’t had the full Ponak’s experience until you’ve been yelled at by the awesome British guy. It’s like a way of passage for a lot of people,” Spencer Shaw, the assistant general manager at Ponak’s said.

“It’s family. It’s better than family people. I’ve been working with my kitchen staff for 30 odd years,” Scott said.

For now, he’ll enjoy the farewell tour. While snapping a few pics along the way.

Including one with him with John McDonald in front of the picture they took way back in 1989.

Scott told us not only are his co-workers his family, but his customers are his friends. Adam Scott’s last day is Friday.