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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Not cannabis, Canna Bus.

It’s a traveling group in Missouri where a psychiatrist certifies groups of people for medical marijuana cards, according to a report from KOLR.

As of Oct. 7, Dr. Zinia Thomas is in good standing as a psychiatrist. According to Missouri law, she also has the authority to approve anyone she believes needs medical marijuana.

“Basically, the state of Missouri is giving the doctor the ultimate authority to qualify someone for the card or not,” Thomas said.

She’s decided to take this ability and roll with it. In her tour stops, she sometimes sees groups of 10 or 20 people at a time.

Jen McBride is one of those people.

“I, unfortunately, suffer from anxiety and panic disorder,” McBride said. “I’m not really sure what to expect. I expect to meet with a doctor and discuss my ailments and see if this is something that will help me with that.”

McBride went inside the bus for about 30 minutes.

“We take some screening tests, and based on those, they could qualify for the card or not,” Thomas said. “If you qualify for the card, I fill out the state form. Once the doctor qualifies you, you are legal.”

As it turned out, McBride qualified for a medical marijuana card.

“It was a easy process. Answer questions about your afflictions, and it was very informative,” McBride said. “I got the paperwork, registered online and the card will be here in seven business days.”

So if it’s this easy to get a medical marijuana card, what’s stopping someone from abusing the accessibility that the Canna Bus offers?

“PTSD, or anxiety, or depression, or arthritis… as far as the answer of abuse, I don’t personally really believe that that’s a problem,” Jamie Tillman, owner of CBD dispensary Canna Bliss & Co., said. “I feel like almost everyone can fall in one of those categories.”

Tillman said that the Canna Bus physicians approved 138 people for medical marijuana cards within seven hours.

“I think there’s just a lot of scrutiny. I’m confident in what I know and my knowledge and how I can kind of help people and believe this is the only way you should really treat medicine.”