Possible clues unearthed in search for KCK woman missing since 1999

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The search continues for clues in a 20 year old cold case in Kansas City, Kansas. Police are still combing through a lot near South 49th Street and Barber Avenue, where a home 39-year-old Star Boomer lived in, once sat. She vanished in February 1999, and a new tip led investigators to start digging there.

“The big thing for us right now is to find Star and be able to get her home,” Tiffany Burgtorf said, with the KCK Police Department.

KCKPD says investigators have dug through about half of a key area, where ground penetrating radar and a cadaver dog hit on something, and they’ve searched roughly a quarter of the property.

Police say the key section of the search area is filled in with a lot of sand, and that’s material not typical to the soil in the area, and that sand was never put on the lot by the city when the home was demolished in 2011.

They’ve also uncovered a few pieces of cloth and some construction material. They can’t be certain yet those items are connected to the case, but it does give them hope they could find more and maybe, Star Boomer’s remains.

“Based on what we’ve had show with the K9s interest and the ground-penetrating radar from KU, and tips we’ve gotten here recently we just don’t want to leave this not searched,” Burgtorf said. “It’s enough evidence to come in and say, ‘Hey you need to look and make sure there’s not anything there.'”

Police have been in touch with Star Boomer’s family throughout this process and say they’re encouraged and hopeful their daughter will be found so they can finally put her to rest after 20 years without answers.

KCKPD also says one of the really encouraging things about this very public search, is that they’ve been getting new calls and new tips this week from people with information that might help piece all of this together.



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