KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Some residents are left picking up the pieces after a possible microburst shattered a front door in Monday night’s storms.

After the line of storms, a glass door shattered at a home in Kansas City Kansas’ Piper neighborhood.

“It just sounded like a huge explosion,” homeowner Terance Lard said. “Glass was everywhere.”

FOX4 meteorologists said this was likely a microburst.

“It was crazy,” Lard said. “It was definitely an experience.”

Lard said he stepped outside to grab his swaying flag, but the wind was too powerful.

“That wind really picked up,” Lard said. “I closed the door, the screen door, and then right after that boom, the whole door just exploded like right in my face.”

Majority of thunderstorm wind damage was reported in Piper where the Lards live.

Lard said he was cleaning up the mess all night.

“I’m still finding shreds of glass all over the place here too,” Lard said.