Postal Workers Get Free Pass for Not “Handling with Care”

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LEAWOOD, Kan. — If that Christmas gift you got in the mail arrived in pieces, a Grandview man believes he may know the reason. Harold Nelson was so appalled at the way a U.S Postal worker was handling packages that he recorded her on his cell phone.

Nelson was standing outside a shopping center in Leawood, Kansas, assisting his daughter in a fundraiser when he noticed a postal worker loading packages into her truck. He said he noticed her because she was making so much noise — by what he described as aggressively tossing packages into the back of the truck.

“We kept hearing the packages hit the bottom of the bed of the truck,” said Nelson. “The impact they were making as heavy as they were, that had to be damaging.”

On the postal workers’ third trip to the truck with yet another load of packages, Nelson had grown so irritated that he pulled out a cell phone and started recording her. He said many of the packages were marked “fragile” and “handle with care.”

Nelson said he is particularly sensitive to how packages get handled because this Christmas season he received an electronic device in the mail that didn’t work once he opened it.

“It was wrapped fine, nice and tight and had bubble wrap,” he said. “But when I went to open it up to look at it, it was on already, and it was frozen.”

That’s why when the postal worker started tossing those package, Nelson immediately thought, “I’ve got to do something about this.”

He sent his recording of the postal worker in action to FOX 4 Problem Solvers and we called the US Postal Service. Spokesman Richard Watkins, who viewed the video, insisted there was no reason to be alarmed. Watkins said as much as most of us want to believe postal workers gently carry all of our packages into a truck, they don’t. He said most packages are tossed in for efficiency sake. Plus Watkins said it is not just the US Postal Service that tosses packages, so do its competitors, which is good to remember the next time you send a package in the mail. — Don’t scrimp on the bubble wrap.

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