Potholes in Kansas City won’t all be filled before new ones form this winter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Crews with Kansas City’s public works department say they likely won’t get hundreds of potholes from last winter filled before you start seeing new ones this winter.

Maggie Green with Kansas City Public Works said crews have already filled nearly 100,000 potholes this year. There are another 700 potholes waiting to be repaired.

“We will still be filling potholes from now into the new year, into the next season,” Green said.

The snow only delayed the work. Public works crews are normally on pothole patrol and taking care of other maintenance issues when the weather is nice.  Wednesday they switched over to snowplows.

“Every time we see weather, rain or snow or the freeze-thaw cycle we see in the winter, that causes new cracks to form, cracks to open up and new potholes to form,” Green said. “So this is something we’ll continue to monitor and have to deal with for the next several months.”

Green expects crews to turn their attention back to fixing potholes next week because warmer temperatures are in the forecast.

“They have been hard at work: 18,000 filled through 311 is about a fifth of what we’ve filled across the city,” Green said.  “Often times crews will go out, they’ll address that one 311 call, but there will be additional potholes on that stretch that they will fill.”

If you see a pothole on a Kansas City, Missouri, street, call the city’s hotline at 311 to report the location.



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