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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Detectives are having trouble finding the owner of what may be one of the strangest things stolen in the community.

Officers with the department recovered a transformer they believe was stolen from somewhere in the area recently.

The department said officers found the transformer when they recovered a stolen tow truck and pickup Saturday morning. Investigators said two guys were using the stolen tow truck to attempt to steal the pickup. They ran away when the alarm on the pickup sounded.

Detectives said the thieves ran off so quickly, they left the stolen tow truck in drive. It rolled into a parked car and damaged it.

Police said the owners of the tow truck and the pickup have been located and claimed their vehicles. Officers are left scratching their heads over the transformer. The person who owns it apparently hasn’t reported it was stolen.

Officers said if you own the transformer, and have documentation to prove it, call the property department at 913-573-6166 to claim it.