Prairie Village gas station cashier says angry armed robber left her fearing for her life

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — A Prairie Village woman says she’s traumatized after a man pointed a gun at her while she was working at a Hy-Vee gas station off of State Line and Cambridge.

It was just after eight Thursday night when the cashier said a man pointed a gun at her and demanded the cash in the register. Although she didn’t want to go on camera — the surveillance video says it all.

“Approximately 8 o’clock last night, we had a black male in his twenties enter the Hy-Vee gas station, and demanded money, and he was armed at the time,” Captain Wes Lovett with the Prairie Village Police Department said.

As this surveillance video shows — a man in a hoodie pointed a hand gun at the cashier and told her to give him all the money in the register. While the cashier says she’s too shaken up to talk about it on camera she did tell FOX 4’s Melissa Stern: “I was afraid for my life and was hoping nothing would happen to me. He was very angry and I was very concerned that he would fire the gun.”

“It’s happened at that gas station before, but it’s probably been a few years, but robberies are not very common in Prairie Village,” added Captain Lovett.

The cashier says she was trained on how to handle this situation when she was hired. Although she looked calm in the video and did exactly what the man asked, she says she was anything but calm.

“My suggestion would be to just comply with the suspect, get a good description, and call 911 as soon as you can,” Captain Lovett said.

The cashier did call 911 immediately, and no one was hurt.

“There’s actually a park located next door, but nobody was in the park, nobody was in the gas station, it looked like he had taken a few minutes to watch the building and make sure nobody was inside,” Captain Lovett adds.

The cashier said she’s worked at the gas station for about nine weeks and will return.

Police are still looking for the suspect. If you have any information call the Prairie Village Police Department, or the TIPS Hotline (816) 474-TIPS.



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