PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — The Prairie Village City Council is holding a special meeting Wednesday to talk about a few petitions residents could see on the November ballot.

One of those petitions could change the structure of city government.

There are three petitions in all. Johnson County election officials confirmed there are enough valid signatures on each. 

The group that launched the three petitions is “Stop Rezoning Prairie Village.”

The first petition is in the name. It proposes a city ordinance to limit rezoning that would allow more than one family to live on a lot in a single-family residential zoning district. 

The second petition is to first “abandon” the city’s mayor-council form of government.

The third petition is to adopt a mayor-council-manager form of government, which would reduce the power of the mayor and cut the number of city council members in half from 12 to six. 

On Monday, Johnson County Election Commissioner Fred Sherman returned his review of the three petitions. Of the more than 3,700 signatures submitted to stop rezoning, he marked more than 3,200 as valid, meaning it met the minimum signature requirements. 

However, Sherman made no determination as to the legal sufficiency of any of the petitions, according to the city.

“The role of the elections commissioner in reviewing petitions is imposed by law and is limited to the verification of signatures,” Sherman said.

The next steps include looking at the legal sufficiency of the petitions. The city said council member will discuss steps forward at Wednesday’s special meeting. 

In a statement to FOX4, city council candidate Lori Sharp said in part: 

“The PV City Council can honor the citizens’ request, represent the wishes of the people, and put the issues on the ballot. On the other hand, the PV City Council also can choose its own self-interest, make up excuses, and try to steal or delay the election beyond November 7.”