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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two weeks after a local mother had her car stolen, she got some disappointing news. Her once-reliable car was found, but stripped of all its value.

“They had told me they found it on Gregory and Oldham Road, which was the very next exit from where my car was parked,” Dalynn Moore said.

“They took the catalytic converter. They broke my whole ignition, and it was like my tire was completely gone, down to the rotor, no tire, no rim, nothing. I can’t even stick the key in and start it up.”

A blown tire forced Moore to leave her car on the side of Interstate 435 late one night.

But for this Kansas City mother of three, also 8 months pregnant, it was her only choice.

When she returned the next morning, her prized 2007 black two-door Chevy Cobalt wasn’t there.

“Driving on 435, I still see cars parked on the highway, so why my car? I was kind of leery leaving my car on the highway anyway,” Moore said.

Just as she learned her car had been stolen, she received a call from the city it had been found. 

Her car was abandoned in Swope Park near East Gregory and Oldham Road and towed to the Kansas City Tow Lot.

“It’s not drivable at all. I can’t even stick the key in and start it up,” Moore said. “It frustrates me and saddens me at the same time because I just don’t understand why. I just don’t. Like, I ask myself why all the time. Why did this happen to me?”

It’s part of a growing problem costing Kansas City residents thousands of dollars every year. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Missouri ranks as having the fourth-highest auto theft rate, and Kansas isn’t too far behind.

Dalynn said it’s especially hard during the holidays.

Adding to the bad news, she also lost her job after missing a week, and she’s also missed much-needed doctor’s appointments. Her baby boy is due next month.

“I’m 8 months pregnant, towards the end of my pregnancy, so my appointments are coming weekly. I’ve missed quite a few appointments since then,” Moore said.

“I hope whoever did this to my car feels some kind of way about it because it really sucks. Leaving a single mother of three, pregnant with her fourth without transportation due to their own selfish reasons.”

Moore said she left her car at the city tow lot, and she doesn’t have the money to replace or repair it. She just purchased the car in March.

Now she’s warning other drivers about what can happen.

“Be cautious about leaving your car on the highway. No matter what kind of car it is, if they can see they can get money off of that car, they will take that opportunity to do it,” she said. “I try not to get discouraged about it, but it really, really, really sucks.”

Moore started a GoFundMe in order to raise funds to repair or purchase a new car. If you would like to donate, you can find the GoFundMe page here.