Pregnant Parkville woman says she’s stuck in apartment with no air conditioning

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PARKVILLE, Mo. — Some tenants at Mark IV Apartments in Parkville say they have gone days at a time without air conditioning.

Expecting mother Ashleigh Bourque says some days the temperature inside her apartment has reached higher than 90 degrees, and she is struggling to get something done about it.

“I had to go to the hospital a couple weeks ago, because I thought I was having a heat stroke. It`s been so hot recently,” said Bourque.

Heat is the most deadly form of weather in Kansas City, according to FOX4 Meteorologist Joe Lauria and Kansas City Health Department official, Bill Snook.

Bourque says it has been back and forth for weeks with management, and despite her calls and complaints, it still isn`t fixed.

“Nothing is getting accomplished. They promise call back after call back fixing it, and then maintenance never shows up, they never knock on my door, they tell me they`ve been there to fix it, and it`s not,” said Bourque.

Bourque says management did supply a portable cooling system, but it is not enough to cool the entire apartment.

“It`s been extremely stressful, I`m just tired of dealing with it. It`s unhealthy for me, unhealthy for my sister, and I`m tired of dealing with it, don`t want to cause any harm to my child,” said Bourque.

FOX4 called Mark IV Management directly,  but was directed to their corporate offices: Trinity Multi Family, based in Arkansas.

Numerous requests through phone and email over the span of two days have not been returned.

FOX4 will update this story when we hear back.



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