Pregnant Gladstone teen believes hit-and-run driver intentionally targeted her during Pokémon GO

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GLADSTONE, Mo. — A game designed for fun took a dangerous turn when someone ran over a pregnant woman in Gladstone.

All these scrapes, bruises, and swollen legs, that’s what Kaitlyn Shelton woke up to at North Kansas City Hospital.

“I woke up thinking I needed to get my baby out. And he was already here,” she said.

Kaitlyn was 38-weeks pregnant. Doctors delivered little Joshua while she was unconscious, recovering from a hit-and-run.

“My boyfriend saved me, he did help me. He pulled me out from underneath the car,” said Kaitlyn.

Friday night, her sister Ashley wanted to play the mobile game Pokémon GO. They wrapped up the search around 10 p.m. and headed back home. That’s when Gladstone police said a man drove erratically down the road and backed into Kaitlyn.

“I remember seeing her get hit and she landed on the ground. That van reversed some more and ran her legs over,” Ashley described.

Ashley believed it was no accident. She said the group was walking on sidewalks and front yards. When Kaitlyn was hit, Ashley thought it was the end for her sister and then-unborn nephew.

“She was faced down, belly down, I honestly did not know if my sister was alive or dead at that point,” Ashley said.

Despite the trauma, both mom and son are safely recovering. But Kaitlyn says she wants the driver off the streets so no one else gets hurt.

Kaitlyn and Ashley described the van as a turquoise Dodge Caravan. Gladstone police said they have a lead in the investigation.

In the meantime, Kaitlyn and newborn Joshua expect to go home in a couple of days.

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